Front garden, underneath the birch

With the dry weather, the watering can method was working really well this year, as you can see from my post in the archives called, “with a hey ho the wind and the rain”. Take a look and you’ll see how healthy the plants looked in May this year. We allowed the tree a year to grow free, and the environment has altered under the tree, as you can see. Also, the tree was damaged by an untrained pruner, and was bleeding sap to protect it from flies which were out in force a week ago. This has discoloured the sage and Michelemas daisies.

Dried out from lack of water this past month

Sadly, using the hose was not a good idea, as the watering can method was soaking the roots nicely and the hose churned up all the earth. The garden has suffered due to the dry weather, the growth of the birch, and the wind.

I’ve dug up the hollyhocks and I’ll plant some more lavender now that the plants are two years old and thriving

It’s time to rescue it with lavender. Lavender will tolerate heavy rain and prefers dry weather and conditions.

Here’s some I grew this year from cuttings in a sheltered and yet sunny and open area:

I’ll move this now and plant some more to replace it. More on this in a couple of months.

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