Anne’s Garden Spring 2022

Good to be back. Hello friends and Family. Finally I have paid the subscription to add new content. I have missed blogging on here and decided to invest my March income on a year’s worth of bytes for my site. I do enjoy recording short videos and taking photographs of all the gardens I am working on.

Today we are in Ann’s garden. I have dug out a bed. This is a lovely, mature garden with excellent soil.

I have planted some baby sweet peas which Ann bought from the local garden centre, and surrounded them with a wigwam I made from canes. I added a pergola I found in the garage. I am going to place a sweet pea there in a couple of weeks.

Sweet Pea

I grew this from one seed in the autumn and kept it under my porch, pictured here. I am going to repot it in a nice clay pot and add it to Ann’s garden in a couple of weeks, so watch this space.

There. All done. Now for a lovely cup of tea.

Ann’s Garden

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