Hermione’s Garden is so Green

Here at home, there is a spring feeling in the air. The green euphorbia are giving the woodland garden a lift, and the tulip bulbs I planted in the autumn are looking perky and resplendent after all that wind. A wonderful flower that bounces back quite happily.

Apart from the tell-tale brown patch where the Scotch Pine lay for several weeks after my partner pruned it heavily, the garden looks so green. What a treat.
The saplings I planted. I found a similar tree and believe they are willow

Last autumn, I added some garden ornaments to the walls. This adds character to any garden.

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.
A pot on a small table adds character and the feeling of depth and nooks and crannies
I found this wall feature in Rye.

A blue butterfly graced us with its presence in February. They adore mature ivy and dislike pesticide. I never use pesticide. or weed killer.

The blue butterfly in February 2022

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