Honesty: Lunnaria Unnua

The most beautiful cut flower on the planet?

Photograph is by the author

Honesty is one of the most beautiful dried flowers on the planet. Not really for the flowers, but for the unusual seed pods, in my humble opinion. Once the seed pods are beginning to dry out, in autumn, I pick them and wait for them to turn pink and then white as they dry. The seeds are perfectly preserved and ready to plant.

The stems gradually turn pink, and what is most wonderful about them is that they look nothing like the flowers.

Tip: Be careful as these look very much like nettles before the pink flowers come out. Don’t weed them out.

Vlog by Hermione Laake

I have spotted these plants in dappled shade and full sun. They are easy to grow. Just add water.

Honesty growing by the Thames, London; photographed by the author


Not a native species. These are known as both lucky and unlucky, depending on your culture.

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