Underneath the Birch

May 2022

Hello dear followers and garden lovers.

Here are some photographs of my garden, underneath the birch, which I have been posting for around 3 years now.

It is May 2022. We are in south west England. The days are longer, and linger on, and it is still light at 9 pm, so I popped out to water the nigella, which are thriving and always reward you when you water them.

These nigella will be out soon

I had to purchase the Lupin from a plant seller, as last years did not seed themselves as they usually do. The Nigella did resurface and I watered them well this spring.

Purple Lupin surrounded by crushed shells to keep off those hungry snails.
Flanked by euphorbia oblongata and moon daisy.
The Lavender is fully grown this year

Why not select ‘underneath the birch’ as a tag to find out what this garden looked like a few years ago?

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