Butterflies, Bees and Barbara. Yes, you.

Dear Barbara, You once told me that you were following my blog.

Well this one is for you. Thank you, Barbara.

My garden

Take a closer look and you will find, bees, butterflies and, no, not Barbara. But Barbara’s garden is here in the archives somewhere.

I enjoyed working on Barbara’s garden during lockdown, and onwards until the spring of this year when I thought I needed to give up my business, or try to do two things at once, and sadly that requires flexibility on both sides so we had to say goodbye because I just couldn’t be any more flexible due to my other commitments.

There you are Barbara with that glint in your eye telling me about Saponaria (we used to call it soapwort), and giving everything around you an aura of mystery.

All my love, Hermione.X

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