Tina’s Garden

Tina is my most recent client

Tina’s garden is small and neat, with a lovely patio area.

A small, neat garden looks good with raised beds. This provides shelter for tender plants.

Tina’s favourite colour is blue, so I have planted some of Farmer Gracey’s Blue Anemone and a lovely blue wallflower along with some allium which is just beginning to show and should be out in May.

Last autumn I planted Nigella and we had a burst of blue in autumn. This is a sheltered open plot, and the Nigella love it in this bed and have graced us with their presence again this spring. It is very calming to look out at a sea of green while you wait for all the buds to appear. Just in front you can see the sedum which will flower in autumn. To the right of the frame is the lavender, and the geranium is to the right of the anemone coronaria blue. I think some anemone Blanda Blue would look good here too.

I have planted some cornflower seeds so that we have some colour once the geraniums have flowered
I repotted this bay which had been in an old pot for years. I used grit, epsom salts and a good potting soil. It has really perked up, and the bulbs add some colour.

Camellia is the perfect plant for a large pot to greet you in April and put a smile on your face. Theaceae is the genus.

Remember to water till damp in dry weather.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s gardening.

All photographs on this site are by Hermione Laake.

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